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Another Restless Night?

Does the full moon make you feel alert, activated, and aware? Does it keep you awake, make you feel vibrantly alive? Then tap into it! Many people find that this moon phase can be an incredibly powerful time to set intentions and manifest goals. This time of natural high energy propels us toward our soul’s true purpose, thus, the sleepless nights and agitated days are often associated with the bright, full moon. Like the push and pull of tides under the moon’s influence, we are compelled to reach deep within ourselves and then to push the knowingness found there out into our daily lives. Each of us can co-create our best life when we take dedicated, deliberate time to connect with sacred guidance, and full moon rituals provide a framework to do just that.

Aspiring to bring positive changes into your life while connecting with a high-vibration universal power opens limitless manifestation opportunities. Filling your life with happiness, gratitude, and possibility is like finding yourself on a moonlit path while on a personal nighttime journey. Along the way, you discover time to reflect on letting go of what no longer serves and to welcome new experiences, and new beginnings.

If building a life filled with inner peace, endless possibility, and prosperity in every imaginable way resonates, then actively seeking a manifestation practice is exactly what you want to do. When we trust in the flow and process of life, a process influenced by connecting with one’s intuition and higher self, we each tend to make better decisions and improve our relationships, career, and overall well-being. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and negative emotions decrease while feelings of self-awareness, inspiration, and joy increase.

When building a life that feels dream/goal oriented, having a “toolbox” for performing full moon rituals definitely adds to it. My grandfather was a carpenter who taught me the importance of having the right tools for the job. Gathering energetic tools that feel aligned to an intention empowers both you and the process; crystals, candles, incense, a journal, and natural objects lend their unique vibrations to one’s practice.

Earth elements, focused thoughts (such as meditation or prayer), and speaking words aloud can all have a profoundly positive impact on a manifestation ritual. If crafting a ritual feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar, consider using a guided process like those that Light & Love Box provides. Hand-curated items (everything that is referenced in the guided ritual) comes in a beautifully packaged, convenient box that can be delivered monthly or selected by intention.

A ritual, especially a full moon ritual, is a spiritual practice that can help a person to release and receive, setting the stage for you individually and all of us collectively to manifest our desires. It is a time to connect with the moon's energy and the universe's power to bring positive changes into your life. While a ritual may vary from person to person as you bring your unique energy to it, the underlying message is the same: to find inner peace, live a more fulfilling life, and align ourselves with our true selves. To learn more about the importance of rituals, click here.

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