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Light & Love Box

Ana Cortez

Unleash the Power of the Moon

When we had the pleasure of meeting Ana Cortez, it became immediately apparent that our collaboration would offer something extraordinary to those who love mystical adventure and are ready to embark on a journey into the enchanting realms of the Runes and the magical oracle deck, "The Doors of Somlipith." The moment you lay your hands on this deck, it's as if you're struck by an indescribable inspiration that implores you to plunge headfirst into its mysteries, leaving no room for hesitation or retreat. Within its ancient wisdom lies the potential for a revival of knowledge that has long been lost, but now waits eagerly to be awakened once again. This sentiment echoes with the power of the Runes themselves. Through an exploration spanning thirteen guided ritual boxes, our collaborative efforts will challenge you to surpass your current limits of healing and self-discovery, empowering you to manifest your intentions and the life you most desire. This transformative journey will combine sacred rituals and a genuine reconnection to the flow of natural time, honoring both solar and lunar cycles to bring balance and harmony to your life.


Ana Cortez

Author and card creatrix, Ana Cortez reintroduces the world to playing cards and the language they speak. Daughter of visionary Oracle artist and mystic, CJ Freeman, together Ana and CJ discovered the original systems of card reading known as "The Playing Card Oracles," and "The Doors of Somlipith." Ana lives in Santa Fe, NM and is perhaps the singular leading authority on playing cards as a means of personal alchemy and communication with the higher self. Ana and CJ's work is featured in Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return.

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Author Ana Cortez
The Doors of Somlipith Book and Deck

Let the
Saga Begin

Every guided ritual box within this captivating 13-box collaboration will gradually unfold a chapter of this mesmerizing saga, one designed by the Universe! Prepare yourself for an immersive journey as you delve deeper into the intricate web woven by each card from "The Doors to Somlipith" oracle deck, complemented by each corresponding Rune. Brace yourself to be spellbound, month after month, as the entanglement of this mystical tale slowly unveils its secrets before your very eyes.

Down below, you will find an introduction to begin this epic saga and your TRANSFORMATIONAL ADVENTURE!

a gentle whisper 

You find yourself sitting in front of a window, relaxed, and fully present in the moment, soaking in the light of the moon. You are filled with a sense of hope and security that seems to make your soul glow like the full moon. The expanse of this moment allows your thoughts to dance gracefully between the past, present, and each possible future that awaits you -- because you are the master of your destiny.


Then, unexpectedly, Somlipith himself emerges from the space around you. See him as a mystical creature, embodying both the moth and the bat. You have seen him before as the Ace of Clubs, ruler of the Suit of Air and the Realm of Ethra. You know why he is here: It is time for you to make a transition and transform shadow energy in your life, face your darkest fears, release what no longer serves you, and reflect internally at a deeper level--all so you can place the greatest trust in your self and in the Universe. 


His presence shifts your focus beyond the moon into the stars, into the ether of this Realm, which holds all the wisdom from all of time and space. But you notice there are 9 particularly bright stars that begin to spiral and twist slowly--beckoning you to follow. At once your attention is brought back to your place in the moonlight. As Somlipith gazes into your eyes and deep into your soul, his face shifts, and a new side of the once dark figure reveals itself. He is gentle and caring, and he is your guide through this transformational adventure you MUST embark upon. Once again your focus is brought back to the spiraling and twisting stars, and Somlipith brushes against your face and gently whispers, “This is how you get there.” And at once he wraps his wings around you and you begin spiraling with the stars into unknown realms of mystery and hope.

Somlipith Saga Keepsake Journal

Collection Keepsake Journal

With Light & Love Box’s newest collaboration, you will get the opportunity to create your own healing and self-discovery adventure as well as hold it in your hands with the Keepsake Journal. 


Each box within the saga collection will come with a chapter that builds on the energy revealed by the Universe. Your very own Keepsake Journal gives you the marvelous opportunity to store all of your chapters and notes from each ritual. The Keepsake Journal is a beautiful handcrafted leather journal locally made in the home state of Light & Love Box, Michigan. 

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Light & Love Box 

Harness the Power of Manifestation + Rituals 



Step-by-step instructions located on vibrant, aesthetically appealing cards.


Ritual Supplies

Everything you need is conveniently provided and clearly labeled.


Energy Alignment

Earth elements and energetic correspondences are integral to every item; labels showcase the unique contents connecting you personally to the intention and energy.


Community Building

Become part of an ever-expanding community focused on Peace, Possibility, & Prosperity, individually and collectively. With each box, blessings and benefits unfold for all.

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