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"It was still within the first week of the new lunar cycle and the Light & Love Box was gently but persistently calling my name. It was finally time! Just opening the box felt super magical, super special and very sacred. The ceremony was already beginning! Yummy smells lofted into the air as I carefully began exploring the contents..." Click here for the full review.

-Ana Cortez, Author

"I am in love with my Light & Love Box! It helped me to release, refresh, renew, and shine my light again. I love the way I had everything I needed, along with the instructions to inspire me. I feel amazing, and I can't wait to get my next one."

-Kathleen Sherman

"When we received the Light & Love Box, we could immediately feel the "good vibes" contained within. Once we opened the box, we were impressed at how well organized everything was. The included cards led us step-by-step through the applicable full moon ceremony. We chose to skip a few of the suggested ideas for time purposes, and it was still a marvelous experience! Would highly recommend this product for those who are looking to expand their mindfulness with regards to sacred ceremonies."


"I had a wonderful experience with the Light & Love Box. I adore the artwork on the cards and the ease of instructions to guide me. This was the first time I ever did a ceremony like this, and I felt such a powerful release of everything that no longer serves me. I've already bought the box for next month!"

-Melissa B.

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