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 Our Story

The two of us, Joanne Currier and Tracy Anderson, came together with our respective gifts and strengths to develop the Light & Love Box product line. Jo (left) is a teacher by trade, a Reiki Master among many other certifications, and owns two retail stores. Tracy (right) is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the inspired creator of each ritual. Our combined, intuitively guided vision is the creative force within every Light & Love Box.

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Meet the Team


Tracy Anderson

Everyone's transformation journey can be marked by points A (life's beginning), B (the present), and C (that which is yet to come). Sometimes, seeing that transformation clearly can be difficult because it has been gradual over time. But I can identify a transition point along line AB that I believe is one of the catalysts for where I am right now.


I was "called" to begin studying Runes…literally and figuratively. It was almost like every time I'd walk by them, I could sense them calling out to me. Despite the mental resistance I was feeling (due to my upbringing), I decided to follow my intuition, and I grabbed a couple of books and a pack of Runes that were carefully selected and dove in. But I never would have guessed this study would awaken something DEEP within my soul. During this study, I was led to begin performing ceremonies to transform aspects of my life. But as I performed these ceremonies, I could intuitively see what was needed to bring energy balance AND energy movement. I also began to have dreams that helped me develop the energy-based ceremonies I was doing. I could see the positive effects this was having on me and my life. 


I felt very inspired and driven to share this experience with others. And so Light & Love Box was born. As I began to develop this dream, I could see the energetic benefits of creating a community of people who would be performing these energy ceremonies together. Individually, these ceremonies cause us to illuminate and transform our spirit, soul, mind, body, and emotions to bring inner peace and joy to share Love with the world.

Joanne Currier

Over a decade ago, I found myself on a journey of wellness for myself and my family. This journey literally “unfolded” for me, and I found myself on a path of discovery. I began discovering how the mysteries and blessings of energy work, particularly of Reiki, allowed me to help myself and others. I discovered and integrated information about changing my patterns of thoughts and beliefs. I made lifestyle changes, including those around nutritional health. These things and more created a more vibrant, calm, and joyful life. It also strengthened my spirituality, my trust in the divine guidance of Love (by whatever name one calls it). 

By trade, I am a teacher, one who loves to learn and to teach others. As my personal journey of wellness unfolded, I transitioned out of the classroom and opened Ways To Wellness, a retail store / Reiki center that focuses on natural ways of helping others to “Think well, Live well, Be well...” Six years later, my husband retired early from a corporate job so we could work together helping others, and we bought a second store, the Higher Self Bookstore. Now, twelve plus years after this journey began, I’m still teaching, just in a different way. Reaching others who are deepening their own connection to pure Light and Love in a way that guides yet honors individual, personal beliefs seems to be the next “unfolding” for me. Sponsoring Light & Love Box offers a way to continue helping people live vibrantly, authentically, and joyfully so that they can be and feel their best. The teacher in me loves the simplicity this deeply intentional ceremony box offers because it is extraordinarily unique in that it guides AND provides everything needed for a stress-free experience! Connecting with nature, natural elements, following one’s intuition, and honoring personal beliefs are integral features of Light & Love boxes.


I truly believe that wellness and balance in every aspect of a person’s own life is a first step to creating a collective community focused on the same things. I’m honored to be a part of Tracy’s vision and to be a part of the transformation that is unfolding for all of us….  

Jo is deeply connected to the Divine realms and to energy, particularly to that of Reiki. She has been developing and nurturing her healing work over the years, blending with it her knowledge in the areas of health, nutrition, personal empowerment, and spiritual growth. As an empath and nurturer, Jo brings her loving and caring nature to all aspects of her work and to those that she works with; she innately knows and understands what a person needs and how to bring about the balancing and transformation that they are looking for in that moment. “Helping people live vibrantly, authentically, and joyfully means helping them to be and feel their best. Creating wellness and balance in every aspect of a person’s life is integral to the work we do together.”

Jo holds certifications and is trained in  many areas, thus she weaves and blends together many different forms of energy in her sessions to create a special experience. 

   —Usui Reiki Master
   —Holy Fire® III Reiki Master
   —Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master
   —Medical Reiki Master
   —Angelic Reiki Level 6 Practitioner
   —Crystal Reiki Practitioner
   —ACUDetox NADA Auricular Acupuncture Specialist
   —Access “Bars” Practitioner and former Trainer
   —Death Midwife Certification
   —Understanding & Helping Grieving Children, Teens & Families After a Suicide or Sudden Death Training
   —AcuMyoTherapy Certification
   —Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (Irlen Syndrome) Screener
   —Voted the Most Motivational Mentor in the Great Lakes Bay Region in 2013

MS – Curriculum and Instruction / Education – Chapman University BS – Elementary Education – Michigan State University

Together with her husband Jeff, Jo co-owns Ways To Wellness in Midland, Michigan and Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan.

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