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The Doors of Somlipith by Author Ana Cortez

Beginning December 2023

A Saga Begins

Embark on an extraordinary 13-month journey with Light & Love Box in collaboration with author Ana Cortez.


Prepare to be enthralled as a mesmerizing saga unfolds weaving together the mystical oracle cards from the deck, "The Doors of Somlipith," with the ancient realms of Nordic Runes.


Delve into deep personal dimensions of self-discovery, healing, and enchantment through an epic fusion of lunar rituals and captivating storytelling. This unique combination invites you to stay open to the possibilities manifestation unlocks, trusting the changes are for the better. Join us as the saga begins!

Somlipith Saga Keepsake Journal

Collection Keepsake Journal

With Light & Love Box’s newest collaboration, you will get the opportunity to create your own healing and self-discovery adventure as well as hold it in your hands with the Keepsake Journal. 


Each box within the saga collection will come with a chapter that builds on the energy revealed by the Universe. Your very own Keepsake Journal gives you the marvelous opportunity to store all of your chapters and notes from each ritual. The Keepsake Journal is a beautiful handcrafted leather journal locally made in the home state of Light & Love Box, Michigan. 

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The inspired manifestation ceremonies of  LIGHT & LOVE BOX  are centered around monthly lunar and solar cycles. Every box engages your senses, provides healing opportunities while honoring your personal beliefs, allows you to become part of a community, and inspires YOU to live your best life!



Inside each box, you'll find guided, step-by-step ritual instructions and the intentionally curated, hand-picked items needed for your ritual - typically 7-12 per box.


​When you order, you'll get what you need to guide and empower you on your journey:

Every Light & Love Box comes with all the supplies you need to perform the rituals.


Every Light & Love Box invites to reflect through meditation or other self-care activites to prepare you for your healing journey.


Every Light & Love Box comes with an inspirational message that allows you to explore the energy of the box at a deeper level


Your box arrives with hand-curated supplies and easy-to-follow instructions for conducting a lunar or solar ritual.

Each box invites and guides you to reflect and prepare for the transformative energy ritual experience.

You will receive a link to an inspirational video describing the energy of each box and the ritual within.

Light & Love Box Yearly Subscription Purchase Option
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Light & Love Box Monthly Subscription Purchase Option
Light & Love Box Manifestation Box Purchase Option
Light & Love Box Purchase Options
Light & Love Box offers a complimentary Welcome Gift with Subscriptions
Don't miss out! Make sure you have your box in time for the next full moon!

Pre-Order by 5/3/24.
Next ship date is 5/16/24 for the full moon in May 2024.

Light & Love Box Purpose Manifestation Box

Rituals + Manifesting Made Easy

NEW Intention Boxes are released monthly!

Create Peace


Experience a deeper level of peace and harmony in your life.

Create Peace
Light & Love Box Ritual-In-A Box: Peace

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Light & Love Box Ritual Commorative Art
Rustic Hippie One of A Kind Art


Own the original commemorative piece of art that was the inspiration for the ritual and energy

Use it to enhance and deepen your connection with those intentions and manifestations.

Each one-of-a-kind piece of art offers a constant flow of transformative energy into your life.

Only one original piece of art or you may purchase a beautiful canvas reprint each month. 

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