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To heal: mend or fix what was damaged. It can be hard to find peace because for most people it isn't easy to let go of control. “If I let go then I will have lost this battle.” This illustrates a limiting mentality that many people have, not an easy one to overcome but absolutely possible. In this box you work with tools that may aid you in your healing process whether it be spiritual, mental, emotional, or even physical. Did you know that your mind can be healed by your body and vice versa? As part of this ritual you are working with meridian points which can lead to an incredible amount of emotional relief and healing in multiple areas. We don't always notice but even the small things that we hold on to can cause a lot of grief in our overall life. So in reality by letting go, you aren't losing a battle, you’re winning it.


Are you ready to manifest your intentions? Transform your life with the Healing Manifestation Ritual Box!


This guided ritual box contains step-by-step instruction cards along with a meditation pack that engages your taste senses, a red crayon, a cedar, white sage, and sweet grass mix for cleansing, 4 abalone shells, 1 abalone shell beeswax candle, jojoba oil, mortar and pestle, and healing compounds aligned to the cardinal directions.


Light & Love Box offers step-by-step instructions and all the supplies to perform Sun or Moon rituals. Natural, hand-picked, and curated items are selected to bring elemental energy balance to each ceremony: earth, air, fire, and water, and, therefore, items will VARY—making each box a TRANSFORMATIONAL ADVENTURE.



Energy Alignment – Each box focuses on a unique area of manifestation and incorporates hand-selected items designed to enhance your Full Moon ceremony. Energy-aligned items will vary, but this adds to the excitement & anticipation each month. 


Energy Balance – Each box includes supplies that bring elemental balance (earth, air, fire, water) to your ceremony. Supplies may include crystals, seeds, herbs, incense, candles, tea, and essential oil. 


Inspirational Message – Through a QR code link, you will have access to a special message that will help you explore the specific energy and manifestation during the moon phase. This message enables you to prepare your spirit, soul, mind, and body for the ceremony.


Meditation, Self-Care, Ceremony Instructions, & Supplies – Each box includes detailed instructions for each ceremony, including meditation activities, self-care, preparatory instructions, and altar setup. All the supplies needed for your ceremony are in your box!


Transform YOUR life & OUR world – Each box provides the ideal time to perform the Moon ceremony to amplify positive energy. During this energy-based practice, you will focus on balancing your spirit, soul, mind, body, and emotions—collectively, we will transform the world.

Manifest HEALING - Guided Ritual Box

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