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CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to transform your life with Light & Love Box rituals!


What’s in Your Light & Love Box?

  • This transformative monthly subscription box centers around the full moon - the strongest manifestation energies of all the moon phases. Every box is bursting with hand-curated items aligned with personal growth and expansion.
  • In addition to the delightful, surprising contents in your Light & Love Box, you receive a guided ritual (on beautifully designed instruction cards) to harness the power of the box’s intention.
  • Each guided ritual box also includes meditation and relaxation guidance, a link to an inspirational message, and extension ideas and resources.
  • Beyond the items in every box, this is a focused opportunity to add YOUR intentions and to collectively shift and transform the positive energy of our world.


Full Moon Subscription Box - For a Year

  • Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

    All Full Moon Ritual Box orders are shipped to align with the full moon lunar cycle each month to enhance the energy of community participation.

    2024 Full Moon Ritual Shipping Dates:  12/18/23; 1/17/23; 2/19/24; 3/18/24; 4/16/24; 5/16/24; 6/14/24; 7/12/24; 8/12/24; 9/10/24; 10/10/24; 11/8/24; 12/6/24. Based on these dates, please note that your subscription box may not be shipped immediately when you place your order.

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