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Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered why we as a society have a fascination with Dracula and vampires? The 9 of Spades, Dracula from “The Doors of Somlipith” by author Ana Cortez, converges with the Rune Thurisaz as we explore these energies within ourselves and the effect on this life as well as past lives in chapter 5, “falling through infinity.” Is Dracula lurking in the shadows of your life? Or is he an invitation to end repeating cycles that keep you in a place of servitude? Our hope lies in the opportunity to purify and transform these repeating patterns to create a new life aligned with our highest good in this lifetime. This guided ritual box can become your catalyst for change and self-transformation.


Are you ready to manifest your intentions? Transform your life with the "falling through infinity" Manifestation Ritual Box!


This guided ritual box contains the Somlipith Saga Chapter 5, step-by-step instruction cards along with flax seeds, lavender, white sage & yaupon, dragon stone tea light, trolleite heart, watermelon tourmaline, and diamond incense.


Light & Love Box offers step-by-step instructions and all the supplies to perform solar or lunar rituals. Natural, hand-picked, and curated items are selected to bring elemental energy balance to each ceremony: earth, air, fire, and water, and, therefore, items will VARY—making each box a TRANSFORMATIONAL ADVENTURE.


Energy Alignment – Each box focuses on a unique area of manifestation and incorporates hand-selected items designed to enhance your ritual.


Energy Balance – Each box includes supplies that bring elemental balance (earth, air, fire, water) to your ritual. Supplies may include crystals, seeds, herbs, incense, candles, tea, and essential oil. 


Inspirational Message – Through a QR code link, you will have access to a special message that will help you explore the specific energy and intention for the ritual. This message enables you to prepare your spirit, soul, mind, and body for the ritual.


Meditation, Self-Care, Ritual Instructions, & Supplies – Each box includes detailed instructions for each ritual, including meditation activities, self-care, preparatory instructions, and altar setup. All the supplies needed for your ritual are in your box!


Transform YOUR life & OUR world – Each box provides guidance for selecting the solar or lunar energy for amplifying the intention and manifestation specifically for your life. During this energy-based practice, you will focus on balancing your spirit, soul, mind, body, and emotions—collectively, we will transform the world.

falling through infinity - Somlipith Saga Guided Ritual Box

Shipment within 14 days of purchase.
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